Why People Buy

So why do people buy?
It’s the “golden question” that every business owner and marketer should know the answer to.
There’s obviously more than one, but let’s talk about one of the main reasons why people buy.

The Single Most Important Copywriting Skill

Copywriting is a big and broad topic. Many moving parts breathe life into a sales letter, video, email, or webinar. However there is one particular copywriting skill, which you absolutely need if you want to get good. And there’s a difference between writing copy, and writing good copy.

The ONE Thing You Need to Focus On

While sitting at the No Excuses Summit in Vegas this year I had the following epiphany…
I’m watching all the amazing speakers come up and share truly some of their most valuable marketing and money-making secrets. Strategies that are making them a lot of money. Hundreds of Thousands per year. And some even Millions.

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