Jack Ma: The Types of People You Should and Shouldn’t Partner With

This article originally appeared on Beyond Sales.

11 types of people that you should never help:

  1. People that are ungrateful
  2. People that are willing to forsake their principles for money
  3. People that would use others for their personal gains
  4. People that back stabs others
  5. People that will turn on their principles for benefits
  6. People that doesn’t keep their promises but act pitiful when they need help
  7. People that can’t even complete small tasks but yet wants to achieve big tasks
  8. People that place all their hopes on another person or external factors
  9. People that you helped because of their promises but defaults on their promises
  10. People that have opportunities but still act poor
  11. People that takes everything for granted and doesn’t show any gratitude

10 types of people that are most suitable to be partners:

  1. Good Friends that you get along with
  2. People that share the same life values perspective
  3. People that you believe in and able to trust them fully
  4. Are able to communicate with each other easily when problems arise
  5. Are committed to the partnership as much as you do
  6. Are magnanimous as you are
  7. Have similar aspirations as you
  8. Able to support each other fully
  9. Displays a standard of professionalism
  10. Have the same goals and beliefs.

Five types of people that you should NEVER partner with:

People that are not collaborative, unable to see the contributions of others and only cares about his own results

  1. Those that has no goals in life as they are only working for the sake of money and fulfilling their own greed
  2. Those without compassion for others
  3. People that are always negative, as they will demoralize you as well
  4. People that has no principles in life, cause they do not believe in dream and will not be able to withstand pressure nor temptations.

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